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International Shipping

We have great shipping rates with FedEx and we are experts at packing delicate thing for the world of shipping.

If your item breaks or is damaged during shipping we will send out a relacement free. If we do not have a

replacement then you will be credited the cost of your item.

However we must be notified within two business days of delivery with images of the damaged or broken item      sent to us via e-mail.

You pay the cost of the shipping, the shipping materials and a $0.00 to $10.00 for labour.

We are only responsible to get it to the shipper in one piece, the shipper is responsible not to break it.

The person the item is being shipped to is responsible to pick it up or be home for delivery, not us.

Yes, on most shipments a tracking # can be provided. If you choose to ship at a lower rate without tracking you do so at your own risk.

Need more info ? Give us a call and ask for Erin